Pricing that Empowers All

Best Things in Life are Free!

 We are coding full throttle to launch the most awesome Talent Evaluation, Engagement and Enlightenment product, with even more revolutionary pricing. Post Public launch two types of plans will be available for you to choose from:

Free Forever till you wish to graduate to metered billing

Coolest and most affordable Metered Billing plan offered ever

Count me in when you launch

Prevalent Industry Pricing

Non-Transparent Pricing that is revealed after several irritating requests

Opportunistic Pricing that scans the size of your wallet to extract max

Irrationally Unaffordable Pricing has made online assessments extremely expensive

Coercive Lock In Periods causing inconvenience and unnecessary expenditure

Rarely Available Accessibility Assessments = Opportunity to mint more money for vendors

Talent’s Disruptive Pricing

Fully Transparent Pricing with Free Forever and Metered Billing plans

Honest Pricing that you’ll love coz’ we have nothing to hide

Amazingly Affordable Pricing with stunning features defying status quo

No Lock Ins allowing you to pay for what you use and setting you free

Accessibility Assessments = Doing Good + No Surge Pricing + Rewards on Talent

Disruption Begins. Bye-Bye Costly Assessments.

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Access Talent