Futuristic Evaluation Technology that Empowers


Experience Disruptive Evaluation and Engagement Tools


Become Centers of Academic Excellence and Learning


Implement Progressive
Technology to Inspire Success

Non Profits

Embrace Technology to Facilitate Social Change and Awareness


Commit to Passionate Pursuit of Growth and Enlightenment

Being Good to Talent!
Defying Talent Evaluation Inefficiencies on Earth

Create Fans through Awesome Engagement Pages and Automate Filtration through Intelligent Applications

* 80%

Conduct Lightning FastMulti-Level, 100% Secure, Media Rich, Accessible Evaluations

* 90%

Involve your Entire Team, Key Decision Makers, even CXOs for Collective Reviewing

* 95%

Save Travel and Proctoring Costs, Processing Time and Efforts with Anytime-Anywhere Evaluations

* 85%

*Feature requested by meaZr MVP clients and Beta Testing Partners

Industry Practices Responsible Hiring

Academia can Supercharge Learning

Governments can create a more Progressive Society

Non Profits can be Better Agents of Change

Individuals can Become Enlightened Talent

Disruption Begins. Bye-Bye Inefficiency.

“… Talent brings innovation, flexibility and simplicity for us as end users … had some amazing innovative experiences during Grace Hoppers Conferences, where we went paperless taking help from meaZr and even in China-Dalian, having to evaluate students on Technology, Business, Sales, Analytics, English …”

Everyone’s loving Talent

“… Online assessments are the way ahead … For us what makes the difference is two folds; how can we get everything on one platform and second is how is the user experience. And both have been well answered by Talent … look forward to the disruption they have planned.”

Power to You!