Talent aims to build a Global Community of Talent Strategy Experts to empower the ecosystem along with creating millions of new job opportunities.

Collaborate for Good

Why Collaborate on Talent Strategy Community?

Spearheading the new age economies, by Engaging, Evaluating and Enlightening the Talent Pool efficiently and effectively, unarguably has the most critical impact on growth today. Let’s come together to enhance the Talent Ecosystem and also reap the benefits.

Creating 1 Million+ Jobs

Talent aims at creating over a million jobs in next 5 years apart from enlightening the Global Talent Ecosystem. Collaborators and Experts in the Guild can not only earn handsome remuneration but also lucrative royalties, creating a flux of unprecedented lifetime earning opportunities and rewarding careers for these individuals.


‘Create and Sell’ awesome Evaluations
to ‘Establish your Brand’ in
your domain of expertise

Get invited to create Iconic Evaluations,
‘Establish your Authority’ and
‘Earn Royalties’ for life

 ‘Get Paid to Help’ organizations
by completing Report Reviews, Question Audits
and more

Not just a ‘Fulfilling Experience’, but
a ‘Financially Rewarding Career’ too!

Thought Leaders

‘Empower the Ecosystem’ by authoring
inspiring blogs/vlogs/podcasts and
‘Earn’ as per the popularity metrics

‘Get Paid for Building a Fan Following’
in your domain of expertise and
engaging them effectively

‘Earn Compensation’ for speaking at,
producing or hosting Talent
conferences, shows and events

‘Spread Enlightenment’ and
‘Get Rewarded’ too!


‘Be the Force’ to change the way
world evaluates talent and
‘Get Paid Handsomely’

‘Excellent Remuneration + Lifetime Royalties’
for each organization that you add to the
Talent clientele. A Win-Win-Win!

Freedom to choose your Pitch: telephonic
in-person, online. ‘An Accessibility Challenge
should not Restrict your Earning Potential’

Get a Share of Good Profits at Talent
for a ‘Most Rewarding Career Ever’!

Talent invites academicians, scholars, authors, domain experts, recruiters, creative talent evaluation professionals and other enlightened individuals to contribute as Experts, Thought Leaders or GoForce members across the globe.

‘Your accessibility challenge shall not be a barrier for success in any of these roles, Talent is truly accommodating!’
To know more about our noble vision write to us at onemj [at] talent [dot] com

Join the Revolution

Collaboration Begins. Bye-Bye Conventionality.

“… Talent brings innovation, flexibility and simplicity for us as end users … had some amazing innovative experiences during Grace Hoppers Conferences, where we went paperless taking help from meaZr and even in China-Dalian, having to evaluate students on Technology, Business, Sales, Analytics, English …”

Everyone’s loving Talent

“… Online assessments are the way ahead … For us what makes the difference is two folds; how can we get everything on one platform and second is how is the user experience. And both have been well answered by Talent … look forward to the disruption they have planned.”

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