You + Talent = Awesomeness + MAGIC!

As a skilled hiring manager, recruiter or an evaluator don’t feel restricted by limitations of other assessment tools. With Talent’s awesomeness you can create MAGIC!

Talent Go Assessments Engagement Enlightenment

You + Talent = Awesomeness + MAGIC!

As a skilled hiring manager, recruiter or an evaluator don’t feel restricted by limitations of other assessment tools. With Talent’s awesomeness you can create MAGIC!

Talent Go Assessments Engagement Enlightenment

Interview Candidates – Anytime. Anywhere.

Create efficient ‘Automated Interviews’, Self record audio/video questions, Superfast recording and rendering, Revolutionary collaborative reviewing.

– Amplify teaching and feedback mechanism in curriculum
– Bulk Screen candidates on personality and organizational fit
– Screen candidates on English, coding or fundamentals
– Evaluate senior professionals who won’t travel for interviews
– Screen graduates in volume for campus hiring
– Supercharge hiring candidates with Accessibility challenges
– Access a wider talent pool across geographies
– Individuals can practice, collect feedback and improve interview skills
– Awesome to collect personal or organization reviews

‘Groundbreaking Video Technology’ to teach, screen, evaluate, learn and improve!

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World’s Most Secure Anti-Cheating that’s Rock Solid

‘Zero Breach’ Online Assessments – Everytime. Everywhere!
Eliminate all possibilities of impersonation, cheating or test malpractice, More Secure than Human Proctoring


Lock and Track

Enable fullscreen, disable copy-paste & shortcut keys, prevent browser deviation and track violations made

Vid Proctor

Record video of candidates to eliminate any possibility of impersonation or malpractice

Rapid Fire

Candidate records response to validate randomly picked questions, answered correctly

Image Raid

Trigger random image captures of the candidate to keep check


Record the screen and all browser movement to track candidate’s activity

Bio Prints

Collect and use physical biometrics from a candidate for authentication

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Plan Essay Evaluations with Confidence

Custom time for each response, word count, speed analysis, keywords mapping, auto evaluation of spellings and grammar, use multiple languages to answer

– Amplify hiring, curriculum assessments or admissions intake
– Evaluate writing skills, typing speed, domain knowledge and more
– Get Personality Insights about the candidate from writing style
– Assess and collaboratively review subjective responses
– Individuals can also practice essays and receive feedback

HackZ to Organize Mega Hackathons

Over 36 programming languages, ‘Interactive Coding’ environment, Custom Coding Challenges, Track and Record coding approach

– Organize Codathons/Hackathons contests on large scale
– Evaluate or teach candidates via Hands on Coding
– Pair with candidates to instruct/review in real time
– Assess and collaboratively review coding challenge solutions
– Individuals, too can practice hands on coding and receive feedback

Conduct Case Study Competitions

Administer ‘Timed Submissions’, Restrict file format(s) and size, Organize and evaluate in cloud, Insightful metrics and reports

– Organize case based submission based contests / competitions
– Implement submission based hiring rounds for consulting, marketing, etc
– Empower curriculum and assignment submissions
– Collaboratively review assignments or other submissions
– Individuals, can practice assignments and receive feedback

Enhance Screening Efficiency by Automating Filtration Rounds

Connect multiple assessments to create super assessment, called ‘Flow’
Set conditional logic to automate screening of candidates after each assessment
Connect quizzes, essays, submissions, hands on coding assignments, audio and video responses for a holistic assessment


Receive Applications + Assessments in One Step

Create custom application forms using defined, generic advanced and design fields, conditional logic for complex forms, insightful analytics for form submissions, associate with Evaluations and Flows, combined report on candidates application and test performance

– Save time, enhance efficiency by publishing job applications with assessments
– Intelligent filters in form fields to auto screen candidates based on eligibility
– Set conditional logic to connect single or multiple assessments with application
– Receive not just applications but also evaluated performance

Brand and Promote your Assessments

Create branding pages called ‘Zones’ for assessments, visual ‘Drag & Drop’ page builder, add text/image/audio/video/html, enable social media sharing, publish results and leaderboards

– Create career pages or branding pages for your Evaluations, Flows and Applications
– Add single or multiple evaluations and publicize/share with or sell to target audience
– Great to interact with candidates/students for queries/results/leaderboards
– Individuals, too can launch their Zones to display scores/grade book/feedback

Everyone’s Party to the Decisions Now!

Collaborative Decision Making Made Easy!
Awesome UX to review or comment over all performance or questions
wise performance be it quizzes, essays, assignments, audio and video responses


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Disruption Begins. Bye-Bye Limitations.

“… Talent brings innovation, flexibility and simplicity for us as end users … had some amazing innovative experiences during Grace Hoppers Conferences, where we went paperless taking help from meaZr and even in China-Dalian, having to evaluate students on Technology, Business, Sales, Analytics, English …”

Everyone’s loving Talent

“… Online assessments are the way ahead … For us what makes the difference is two folds; how can we get everything on one platform and second is how is the user experience. And both have been well answered by Talent … look forward to the disruption they have planned.”

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