Empowering the Differently Abled

Disability Hiring is Good

Create evaluations with accessibility accommodations, using tools and tips in your dashboard, to empower candidates with a specific or multiple accessibility challenges

Get Rewarded

Instead of charging higher, Talent rather gives special ‘Being Good Discounts’, which you can claim in each billing cycle, for evaluating those with accessibility challenges.

Challenges in Accessibility Hiring

Talent’s ‘BE GOOD’ Approach

Unique Challenges. Unique Evaluations.

Be Good. Get Rewarded.

With Talent, the same evaluation can be made accessible and administered to all, without any price surge. Further, Talent rewards you for your goodness by awarding you additional Redeemable Reward Points.

Plan your Accessibility Hiring with Talent

Disruption Begins. Bye-Bye Challenges.

“… Talent brings innovation, flexibility and simplicity for us as end users … had some amazing innovative experiences during Grace Hoppers Conferences, where we went paperless taking help from meaZr and even in China-Dalian, having to evaluate students on Technology, Business, Sales, Analytics, English …”

Everyone’s loving Talent

“… Online assessments are the way ahead … For us what makes the difference is two folds; how can we get everything on one platform and second is how is the user experience. And both have been well answered by Talent … look forward to the disruption they have planned.”

Access Talent