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Students spend more time online. Why write exams on paper?

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Limitless capabilities to build out of the box assessments using nine evaluation types

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Virtual Examination Centre

Conduct secure examinations online remotely

Universities can now confidently evaluate its students remotely and save invigilation / exam center costs

Executive education providers can now confidently evaluate its students remotely and award certificates

Empower your summer programs with the ability to evaluate students on all skills


Futuristic Career Cells

Empower your Talent with the Most Powerful Career Services

Talent Pool e-Profiling

Let students flaunt their TalentStack

Online Placement Brochure

Easy to share with employers

Preparatory Assessments

Students can prepare for company and standardized tests

Talent Building

Identify candidates’ knowledge gap with skill validation tests

Empowering Admissions

Awesome admissions (application and selection) process, improve your brand and create a fanbase.

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Empower Assessments for Differently Abled

Automate Faculty Interviews

Plan Contests and Challenges

Rollout Intelligent Applications

Publish Iconic Assessments

Establish your authority in the domains of expertise by creating and selling assessments on Talent’s Marketplace


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"Talent brings innovation, flexibility and simplicity for us as end users … had some amazing innovative experiences during Grace Hoppers Conferences, where we went paperless taking help from Talent and even in China-Dalian, having to evaluate students on Technology, Business, Sales, Analytics, English”

“Online assessments are the way ahead … For us what makes the difference is two folds; how can we get everything on one platform and how is the user experience. And both have been well answered by Talent … look forward to the disruption they have planned.”

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