The Swiss Knife of Talent Evaluation

All evaluation types you need in a single Dashboard. Bye-Bye Multiple Vendors.


Allow candidates to choose, match, sort, fill, drag & drop!

What’s Awesome?

  • Most awesome machine learning algorithm in quizzes
  • Artificial Intelligence for powerful evaluationss
  • Choose from an array of advanced question types
  • Rich text, media and interactive content
  • One click ‘Accessibility Checker’


Allow candidates to express & write while you gain insights

What’s Awesome?

  • Machine Learning algorithm to gain personality insights
  • Auto evaluation and key metrics
  • Custom time each response
  • Word Count and Speed Analysis
  • ‘Keywords Mapping’ for content relevance


Allow candidates to record Audio/Video responses!

What’s Awesome?

  • Create efficient ‘Automated Interviews’
  • Self record audio/video questions
  • Superfast recording and rendering
  • Bid Adieu! Telephonic interviews and scheduling issues


Allow candidates to submit assignments, case analysis & more!

What’s Awesome?

  • Administer ‘Timed Submissions’
  • Restrict file format(s) and size
  • Organize and evaluate in cloud
  • Insightful metrics and reports


Allow candidates to code hands-on in cloud!

What’s Awesome?

  • Over 36 programming languages
  • ‘Interactive Coding’ environment
  • Custom coding challenges
  • Track and record coding approach


Test candidates on functional skills in a simulated environment!

What’s Awesome?

  • Simulate any software or web environment
  • ‘Ask to Perform’ software specific tasks
  • Track and record detailed tasks and actions
  • Ensure desired skills and hands-on expertise


Allow candidates to drag, drop, connect, configure & draw!

What’s Awesome?

  • Interactive drag, drop and free hand drawing interface
  • Domain specific shape libraries
  • Revolutionary assessments for ‘Highly Sophisticated Domains’
  • Auto evaluate through comparative algorithm


Interact with and evaluate candidates in real time!

What’s Awesome?

  • Conduct and record ‘Live Video Interviews’
  • Share screen and files in the same frame
  • Easily schedule and connect with a click
  • Pair all other evaluation types with live video interviewing


Organize surveys / polls and collect feedback / opinions!

What’s Awesome?

  • ‘Solicit Opinions’ through highly advanced survey tool
  • Response specific conditional logic
  • Question wise insightful analytics
  • Beyond basic questions, collect even Audio / Video opinions

Power of One

Quizzes, Essays, Automated/Live Interviews, Hackathons, Submissions, Surveys, Drawings, Simulations

Intelligent Applications

Create simple to complex forms using comprehensive field types and auto screen applicants using intelligent filters

Miracle Controls

Create assessments as simple or as complex as you want with miraculous power packed controls.

Collaborative Reviewing

Incredibly convenient collaboration with everyone – anywhere, within seconds, to collectively review a performance report.

Audio Video Responses

Interview Smart! The revolutionary and super fast automated, anytime – anywhere interviews.

Validate Quality

Get your evaluations and questions audited by your team or experts before administering them

Self Recorded Questions

With a single click record yourself to create audio / video questions and embed

Media Rich Q/A

Include audio, video, images or any HTML in your question content as well as answer options

Evaluate or Let ’em Practice

Not just evaluate but also allow candidates to practice with hints, explanations and strategy buddy

Accessibility Checker

Accessibility Tips in your dashboard, to empower candidates with multiple accessibility challenges

Anti-Cheating Shields

World’s most secure ‘Anti Cheating’ tools to conduct ‘Zero Breach’ Online Evaluations – Everywhere!

Automatic Shortlisting

Auto shortlist evaluation results using filters like ‘Minimum Percentage Criteria’ & “Performance Intervals’

Insightful Metrics

Amazing data insights all through the dashboard be it for an Evaluation, Application or a Flow

Introducing Flows

Connect evaluations in a conditional flow to screen and filter candidates in multiple levels or rounds

Branding Pages

Set as many branding pages through drag and drop templates to brand your Evaluations, Applications or more

Access to Expertise

Access the Guild – Largest Global Community of Talent Evaluation, Engagement and Enlightenment Experts

One Click Fetch

Don’t sweat all over again. Easily fetch all or some questions from other evaluations or Question Pools

Group and Zip Questions

Create group questions for Passages, Data Interpretation etc. or simply zip related questions together

Sophisticated Marking

Ahead of its time marking mechanism with answer based marks and +ve / -ve marks for each option

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic to set questions’ sequence based on correct, incorrect, partially correct or each option

Detect Duplicacy

Intelligent algorithm to detect duplicate questions in an assessment and avoid embarrassment; in just One Click.

Drag and Drop UI

Beautiful drag n’ drop user interface with intuitive user experience. Love at first sight Guaranteed!

Category Weights

Create category wise assessments and also enjoy the unprecedented power of Adding Weights to those categories.

Managing Magic

Fetch random questions as per category or difficulty level; mark them as mandatory or definitely include

Zingy Communication

Zing or Get Zinged! Experience the swiftest real time messaging in the Talent ecosystem

Rejection Management

Make Fans by Being Responsible! Automate your Rejection Management with Zero Efforts.

Custom Branding

Your brand is unique, so shall your evaluations be! Complete customization and white labelling made possible.

Real Time Analytics

See what’s going on live from within your dashboard. Live Updates, Messages, Analytics and Videos.

“… this is a super tool for recruiters … All assessment types in one dashboard, is visionary … Talent’s clean and beautiful UI is lovable … insightful reports about a candidate makes hiring metric based … Talent’s collaborative reviewing interface and experience looks so seamless and effective. This surely will set new standards of collective decision making in hiring … use it extensively in our recruitment drives … Talent is the next big thing poised to redefine online assessments …”

Everyone’s loving Talent

“… Talent has provided us a one stop solution for all our talent assessment needs  .. provided flexibility and scalability to conduct multiple assessment online … awesome “anti-cheating” mechanism … with analytics in dashboards I can have a high level overview of what is happening across different campus recruitment drives almost real time … Talent has huge potential in hiring the right talent from a diverse demographics ..!”

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