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As a skilled hiring manager, recruiter or an evaluator don’t feel restricted by limitations of other assessment tools. Talent redefines assessment engineering!

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Over 36 programming languages, ‘Interactive Coding’ environment, Custom Coding Challenges, Track and Record coding approach

Essay Evaluations

Custom time for each response, word count, speed analysis, keywords mapping, auto evaluation of spellings and grammar

Case Study Contests

Administer ‘Timed Submissions’, Restrict file format(s) and size, Organize and evaluate in cloud, Insightful metrics and reports

Automated Audio
Video Interviews.

Interview Candidates – Anytime. Anywhere.
Let candidates record Audio / Video responses.

‘Groundbreaking Video Technology’ to teach, screen, evaluate, learn and improve!

Automate Filtration Rounds

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Most Secure Anti-Cheating Tools

Zero Breach’ Online Assessments – Everytime. Everywhere!
Eliminate all possibilities of impersonation, cheating or test malpractice, More Secure than Human Proctoring

Lock and Track

Enable fullscreen, disable copy-paste & shortcut keys, prevent browser deviation and track violations made

Vid Proctor

Record video of candidates to eliminate any possibility of impersonation or malpractice

Rapid Fire

Candidate records response to validate randomly picked questions, answered correctly

Image Raid

Trigger random image captures of the candidate to keep check


Record the screen and all browser movement to track candidate’s activity

Bio Prints

Collect and use physical biometrics from a candidate for authentication

Experience Super Intelligent Applications

Power of AI to automatically filter applicants. Break free from CV piles!

Go on a Vacation!

Come back to filtered, evaluated and shortlisted candidates.

Auto Screening

Multi level screening of applicants with a custom assessments flow

Collaborative Decisions

Review profiles in real time with decision makers across the globe

Take a Leap

Be 10x faster in tapping the best talent and keep latent talent warm

Rejection Management

Build Fans with actionable feedback and enlighten candidates

Happy Talent Pipeline

Go Bots help candidates improve through actionable feedback

Everyone’s Party to the Decisions Now!

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